TOSS® Impulse heat seal controls lead to Sustainability
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TOSS Sustainability
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Heal Seal

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Heat Sealing
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Impulse Seal
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Heat Seal Jaws and
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Power and
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TOSS - The Optimum
Sealing System

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TOSS - The Optimum Sealing System

TOSS® Technology with the PIREG® Impulse Heatseal Temperature Control | The Optimum Sealing System

TOSSTechnology is the means to achieve cutting and sealing perfection. It is also referred to as the The Optimum Sealing System because it is in fact a complete system that is comprised of many components.

The components include:

  • Free System Design & Sample Service
  • Calibration & Validation service and aids
  • PIREG® Controllers
  • Power Transformers
  • Current Sensing Transformers
  • Precision Heatseal Jaw Bars & Platens
  • Twisted Pair Detection Wires
  • Jaw end kits for Heatseal Band tensioning
  • Over 300 sizes and shapes of Heatseal Bands
  • Custom contour bands for shaped seals and cut-outs
  • Insulating materials
  • Silicone rubber jaw facings
  • Power Line Filters
  • Design & Samples

The selection and installation of a The Optimum Sealing System begins with the development of the ideal parameters for sealing the selected materials. Once the optimum parameters are established in the TOSS Laboratories using client supplied materials, it is relatively easy to establish the power requirements and the required components for the system. Sample seals are sent to the client for approval and a recommended system can be proposed. For commonly used materials the sampling process may not be needed.

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