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TOSS® Technology with the PIREG® Impulse Heatseal Temperature Control System | Sustainability Packaging

TOSS® Technology with PIREG® Heatseal Temperature Controllers | Impulse heat sealing, a factor in polymeric packaging sustainability and reducing film cost to the packager.

Sustainability - Wikipedia defines this, in part, as “the potential for long term maintenance of well being”, “the well being of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resource.”

For those of us in the packaging world it is an invitation to find ways to conserve on the use of natural resources and minimize the destruction of our habitat, our world.

Polymeric materials are derived from hydrocarbons, oil and natural gas, that are now being noticeably depleted. Most power stations are fueled by coal. They generate electric power plus atmospheric pollution.

Most plastic materials used in packaging are not readily biodegradable.

Interestingly, any and all steps to pursue sustainability in the packaging industry will result in a reduction of cost to the packager. The information that follows further explains how plastic packaging techniques can be improved to contribute to sustainability and cost reduction.

Use less material
One of the first opportunities to reduce waste and cost is to use less film in pouch packaging. It is not uncommon for 5 to 15% of the film used in pouch packaging to be used as fins at the top and bottom of the package. The fins are there to provide space and material for cutting the packages apart after the contiguous packages are sealed. The fin is usually wide enough to assure that the cut made at a subsequent station or between two adjacent sealing heads does not damage the seal area.

But, what if the machine could be simplified and reduced to one station that could seal both of the adjacent packages and cut them apart simultaneously. This would eliminate a cutting station and the attendant concerns of accurate registration between a sealing station and a subsequent cutting station. The cost and maintenance of the cutting knife would be eliminated as well as the fins on the package.

Yes, it can be. Utilizing Toss Technology and any one of the unique Toss Heatseal & Cut Bands, packages can be sealed with wide or narrow seals and cut apart simultaneously with no extra fin material. A material saving.

Use less power
Toss Technology uses Heatseal Bands each with a mass that is a small fraction of the mass of a hot bar. The Heatseal Band is energized to the required sealing temperature in milliseconds and cools down quickly to allow the seal to set before being released from the sealing jaws. The total energy consumed by a controlled Impulse Heatseal Band is less than 5% of the energy required by a steady state hot bar running at 60 cycles per minute. This does not include the reduction of the additional air-conditioning load created by steady state hot bar sealers. Less power consumed means less power generated with the attendant air pollution caused by coal fired power plants.

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