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Heatseal Jaws and Jaw Bar Preparation

TOSS Technology with the Ropex Resistron RES
Heatseal Control System | Heatseal Jaw Bars

Heat seals can be made in various lengths and configurations. This presents the next challenge because the perfect seal must be uniform throughout its entire length whether it be a millimeter or several meters. This brings us to the need for absolutely uniform force applied to the length of the seal.

In the course of working through hundreds of applications it has become clear that the best heatseal jaw bars are aluminum bars with a generous cross-section. Because a perfect seal is not made until the seal is cool it is helpful to use massive jaw bars with a high specific heat so that the bars can absorb the residual heat during the cooling cycle. In the case of short bars this is not a big problem because the bars can machined to be flat and true. Long bars present a different situation because in spite of best efforts the commercial tolerances are not sufficient to assure uniform force and machining is more difficult.

TOSS has resolved this issue by having aluminum jaw bar custom extruded to the closer tolerances required. Further care is employed by providing a self-adhesive silicone rubber facing that is adhered to the relieved area on the face of the jaw bar, beneath the Heatseal Band. Also, in certain applications, cooling water can be supplied to the jaws to accelerate the cooling cycle.

The jaw bar is also designed to receive specially designed, insulated, and spring loaded jaw end blocks that automatically assure that the heatseal band is properly positioned and tensioned when a replacement heatseal band is installed.

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