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TOSS Sustainability
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Heal Seal

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Heat Sealing
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Impulse Seal
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Heat Seal Jaws and
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Power and
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TOSS - The Optimum
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Power and Circuit Design

TOSS Technology with the Ropex Resistron RES
Heatseal Control System | Power and Circuit Design

To produce perfect heat seals depends on rugged reliable precision components that perform predictably from cycle to cycle, hour by hour, week by week, and year by year without default. The critical parts of a reliable system are the power source, the power circuitry and the controls. A proper design includes the power transformer design and the technique employed in the power distribution to assure accurate control and feedback from the heatseal element. To this end it is essential that the components and the system design be coordinated to assure compatibility. This may seem complex but it is managed routinely by the system designers at Toss GmbH and Toss Machine Components.

Now, using this scientific technology, one can achieve a precise, predictable heatseal every time using a self regulating system and leaving very little to chance. What was “art” is now “science.”

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